Gina Tucker

Birth Doula


Gina came to us highly recommended.  From the first consultation, I felt comfortable with Gina.  She put me at ease for what lay ahead, affirmed my fears & concerns and shared in the excitement of bringing in a new life.  If there is one statement to summarize Gina it would be – Gina is deeply committed to birth!  She believes in helping women have the best possible experience.  She listened to what I wanted for my birthing experience (and it changed over the course of the pregnancy) and talked me through options and scenarios.  

Throughout my pregnancy and labor she knew exactly what to do.  She was sensitive and tender throughout the process.  I just never thought I would laugh so much in labor!  I can remember how calm I felt with her in my home during labor. 

I was in labor for over 36 hours – in times of doubt, she supported me; in times of pain, she nurtured me; in times of waiting, she talked with me.  Additionally, she helped my spouse know in what ways to support me. Her sensitive and supportive spirit came through in everything she did.

On my decision and Gina’s support I had my 9 lb 8oz baby girl with no medical intervention.  I can honestly say that Gina made the birth of our daughter a beautiful event.  And I believe SHE was the difference.  

It was without hesitation for my second pregnancy, Gina’s attendance was a must.  We hired her the first month of pregnancy!    

But this was a very different pregnancy—I was over 40 and it was a high risk pregnancy.   There were many more concerns, including a scary complication at 24 weeks. 

Gina was, again, purely divine t throughout the pregnancy – a soothing, reassuring presence. And for the second time, I was able to have my wish of an unmedicated birth.

I always felt her support and dedication to my desires, my needs and my pregnancy.

I look back on our birthing experiences and still get goose bumps and tears, all in one.  Gina is one of kind.  She is a wonderful and qualified doula and a true professional.  We recommend her fully and feel lucky that she has come into our lives. 

A.M.…Huntington, NY

“Thank you so much for helping us to have such a BEAUTIFUL BIRTH EXPERIENCE.  You were there when we needed you , and even when we didn’t realize we needed you!  We are so grateful you were a part of this very special experience and helped us bring our son into the world in a peaceful and loving way.”

M.A….Glen Cove, NY    

 “Thank you for your support during my labor and delivery.  I never would have been able to do it without you.  Your comforting touch and confidence made me believe I could do it.  It is such an amazing feeling to know I have reached my goal of a natural childbirth.  I will never forget the feeling and elation of having that beautiful baby put on my chest.  I felt in control my whole labor and that was something I never felt with my first baby.  I had such a beautiful experience thanks to you.  It’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that I’m sure will stay with me all my life.”


“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help in delivering my two children.  There were both amazing births and I could have never done it without you.  It takes a special and brave person to do what you do and I am awed by you!  I will never forget the experience or you.”


If you haven’t already discerned what a wonderful person she is just by meeting her, I can offer you a few examples of how much Gina enhanced our pregnancy and childbirth experience.  Firstly, she was an incredible support system during the entire pregnancy.  Whatever questions arose, she was always the first person I called, because I knew I would get the most timely and accurate response from her.  At the time of delivery she offered me such comforting verbal support and encouragement and was able to guide my husband on the appropriate approach to the profound event that was unfolding.  Overall, she helped both my husband and I feel incredibly empowered and in control during such a vulnerable time.  Lastly she created a relaxing and enjoyable birthing environment.  At one point, even our doctor commented on what a beautiful birth I was having.  With the soft music, candles and warm sentiment throughout the room, you couldn’t help but feel you were a part of something special.

M.M…..Great Neck